by Floorboards

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This EP is about letting go


released October 10, 2014

Recorded at Studio 340



all rights reserved


Floorboards Cheltenham, UK


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Track Name: Feel
Your bones,
Would escape through your skin,
And into my veins where I should feel pain,
But I can’t

Said he was his father’s son,
He never trusted anyone,
He woke up every morning,
Looked outside and saw a rising sun,
His shoes were in her home,
The only place he couldn’t go,
And so he sat at home,
And just got stoned again,

Can I trust in you my dear?
I’ll pour my heart out in your ear,
It’s been a fucking year,
But I just cannot stand it here,
I’m so alone

I swim through these waters to,
Feel again,
I burn this fire to
Feel again,
I’ll rip your fucking heart out,
So you’ll feel what I felt,
Did you feel what I felt?
Track Name: Stoned
I’m getting fucking wasted again,
With my only friends,
I’m with my only friends,

I’ve been,
Thinking about the past few years inside of,
My head,
But I can’t remember anything so,
I’ve been,
Trying to move on and think of something new,
Something to remember,

You’ve been,
Trying to forget the past few year inside of,
Your head,
But it’s all been going so fast so,
You’ve been,
Trying to move on and think of something new,
Something to remember,

Because my memory is pitiful,
And it wouldn’t matter if,
I was even fuckin here before,
Because I don’t remember shit,

She told me that I’d fuck up my head one day,
But I can’t remember anyway,
Now she’s trying to forget me,
Track Name: Let's Seperate CDs
Your hair is different to mine,
Your eyes are not the same,
My hands are cold now,
Your hands are to blame,
We’re both living two separate lives,
Both in a casket of our future,
Every day getting more and more tired,
In a casket of our future,
But I know you’re tired of living,
In a room with just you and I,
And I know you’re tired of me living,
So i promise you that soon I will die,
I’ll pack my things and I’ll be gone,
And you’ll be happy without me,
You’ll have fun,
And I’ll just walk until I run,
And you’ll just live the only one,
I hope you have fun
I spend nights awake just because of your face,
Your ghost is haunting me,
So I dream of the future to forget of the now,
Open your eyes and imagine what could be,
We’ll have two kids,
We’ll make two lives,
They’ll be as gorgeous as you,
But have my eyes,
And they’ll both run,
And they’ll have fun
And they’ll best friends,
And they find love,
And if I die,
My dear before you,
You’ll be by my side,
While I’m in my bed,
Holding my hand,
Letting me go,
But I have to let you go